This Gathering Of Iconic Singapore Mascots Just Raised $21,000 For Charity

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"Fun and games aside, Smiley and the mascots show us one thing — that no differences should separate us."

At GAkids (formerly Gardenasia Kids), we believe in the concept of ‘edutainment’ - in which children can be both educated and entertained! As children learn and retain lessons better through play, we ensure that our workshops are fun, innovative and immersive, while sharing an appreciation of our rural heritage and natural environment to our little ones! GAkids’ ‘edutainment’ mascots, Titoy and Morchoo, also make appearances to give our young visitors educational insights on nature, through various role-playing fun and games.

Mee Goreng Pasta

Gardenasia Mee Goreng Pasta (farm fresh bean spouts & egg)    

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