5 Reasons why you should subscribe to the Survivor Pack

Since 16th April 2020, The Local Farm (TLF) by Gardenasia kick-started the TLF Survivor Pack subscription model with our local farmers. We hope to garner public support with each TLF Survivor Pack subscription, through which the farmers’ farm-fresh produce will be delivered direct to the doorstep on a weekly basis.

This Survivor Pack consists of locally-farmed basic core produce, like eggs, vegetables and fish, which meets individual nutritional needs. This was curated for anyone who doesn’t usually cook at home but wishes to enjoy a home-prepared meal with an ease of mind. We hope to obtain 500 or more subscribers for a 6+6 months period to kick-start this movement.

The Survivior Pack

Here are 5 other things you should know about the Survivor Pack.

1.Because No Farmers No Food

The bread & butter of our platform are the pre-built design sections, called items. These can be added to your landing page in a couple of clicks and every text, image, icon or button that make up the Block.

Traditional land or sea-based farmers still represent the majority of our local farmers. As a fellow farmer, a 4th Generation horticulture farmer, my parents' wish was for their children to attain a good education and be moved out of the farms. This resonates with many local farmers and how many next generations are not joining their family businesses. Thus, what incentives do farmers have to continue? For my family, we have evolved over the years, from being a traditional grower to a landscape consultancy and construction company to the HortiTainment company we are today. But many farms are left to retire from the trades.

Farmers are entrepreneurs too and their bottom line is the key motivation for them to sustain their business. There are no magic pills or formula for food security, but we all know that with more locals buying local produce, this will motivate and encourage our local farmers to continue their production. With this current COVID situation, it has made it even more important to support and protect our farmers as they too are our frontliners, who are working tirelessly every day to produce food for us.

2. Growing Locavore movement among the younger generation.

Studies and various reports have shown that there is a growing "Locavore" movement around the world and farmers’ markets are taking on this angle to appeal to customers. The Locavore movement supports eating foods grown locally and sustainably, rather than pre-packaged foods imported from other parts of the world.

After few years of organizing our local farmers’ markets, we have seen growing numbers of younger Singaporeans joining the Locavore movement. However, many in this same group are busy individuals with their careers and families and are cooking less at home. So, how can they support local farmers if they don't cook?

This was the very reason that TLF was created in 2019: to curate more Ready to eat, Ready to cook and use products with local farmers, making it easier for people to support local.

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3. Contract Farming with farmers’ interests at heart.

Contract farming offers security to local farms. Not only can we support them with a guaranteed demand for a period of time, but a subscription model also ensures better cash flow and production planning ahead.

With contract farming, we can also take the extra effort to understand any farm operation concerns and work closely with the farms to create a win-win business for all, while still ensuring that we have their interests at heart.

4. A ‘no frills’ Survivor Pack for convenience.

When we curated the pack, we wanted it to be simple and no-frills. It's a convenient pack for any family of four who may not normally cook at home, to be able to whip up a simple meal.

5. Disrupting the local agriculture industry - for good.

Ultimately, we want this movement of the subscription model and curation of Ready to Eat, Ready to cook and use products to disrupt the way local farmers are currently doing their business – in a good way, of course. A farming business that is viable and sustainable with vast growth and opportunities can be more sustainable and profitable, and that’s the direction we’d like to steer our fellow farmers towards. At the same time, we hope that it will create more awareness of our local farming industry and open up the idea of the farming industry as a viable career option for our younger generation.

As a Polish proverb says, "If the farmer is poor, so is the country." So, join us in this movement and support local!

Visit www.gardenasia.com/the-survivor-pack to sign up for the survivor pack.

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