Be entertained with Edutainment!


At GAkids (formerly Gardenasia Kids), we believe in the concept of ‘edutainment’ - in which children can be both educated and entertained! As children learn and retain lessons better through play, we ensure that our workshops are fun, innovative and immersive, while sharing an appreciation of our rural heritage and natural environment to our little ones!

GAkids’ ‘edutainment’ mascots, Titoy and Morchoo, also make appearances to give our young visitors educational insights on nature, through various role-playing fun and games.

Titoy & Morchoo


Quick and curious, Titoy is able to get out of trouble just as swiftly as he gets into it! Though one of few words, his cheeky, easygoing personality endears him to many. The precious dew in Titoy’s leaf possesses powers of healing and refreshing, which helps to enrich many with the gift of life.


Pretty in pink Morchoo is everyone’s sweetheart. Kind and down to earth, she is amiable to all who crosses her path. Morchoo’s trendy ponytail also serves an important function: in times of trouble, it spins her up into the air and to the rescue!

Interested to include our adorable eco-ambassadors in your products or events? Reach out to us and tell us more! We’d love to hear from you.

Edutainment Programmes and Tours

Reach out to us if you’d like your students to experience our fun

and educational Edutainment Programmes and Tours!

GAkids Edutainment Tours

GAkids Edutainment Tours (catered for pre-schools)

  • Myself, and My 5 Senses
  • Fun with Shapes, Sizes and Textures
  • Life Cycle of a Plant vs Life Cycle of a Frog
  • GAkids ‘Saving Gaia’ Adventure!
  • Creating a Miniature Garden.

Reach out to us for more details by calling 68989111 or emailing!


TheLocalFarm Adventures

The Local Farm Adventures offers schools an opportunity to introduce students to the wonderful world of our local farms, through interactive Q&A sessions with our farmers, along with hands-on workshops and activities — all within the classroom. Choose from our unique farm experiences!

Reach out to us for more details by calling 68989111 or emailing!


Designed after the black and white colonial houses of the good ‘ol days

Nestled in the heart of Kranji Countryside, our three Farmstay Villas – designed after the black and white colonial houses of the good ol' days – allow for a tranquil reprieve from the buzz of the city. The villas’ respective English, Oriental and Contemporary interior are also unique to each.
Be a part of the landscape, the scenery and the farm life as you enjoy a new experience at our Farmstay Villas – truly the hidden gems of our land.

Farmstay Villas

Enjoy a Naturally Inspired Lifestyle!

Right in the heart of Kranji Countryside.



Wednesday & Thursday SGD360.00++/night


Friday & Saturday : SGD425++/night

*15% surcharge for bookings on the eve and on public holidays.


Designed after the black-and-white colonial houses of the good old days, the four Farmstay Villas are the hidden gems of our land.

Each 50 sqm one-bedroom villa exudes an understated elegance of the Balinese, English, The Orient and Contemporary respectively.


- Breakfast for 2 guests

(western cuisine -No Pork, No Lard menu)

- Dining discount at in-hour Bistro by Gardenasia



CHECK - IN : 2pm

CHECK - OUT : 12pm

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