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07/05/2020 Friday - 5 Reasons why you should subscribe to the Survivor Pack !

Since 16th April 2020, The Local Farm (TLF) by Gardenasia kick-started the TLF Survivor Pack subscription model with our local farmers. We hope to garner public support with each TLF Survivor Pack subscription, through which the farmers’ farm-fresh produce will be delivered direct to the doorstep on a weekly basis.

This Survivor Pack consists of locally-farmed basic core produce, like eggs, vegetables and fish, which meets individual nutritional needs. This was curated for anyone who doesn’t usually cook at home but wishes to enjoy a home-prepared meal with an ease of mind. We hope to obtain 500 or more subscribers for a 6+6 months period to kick-start this movement.


13/03/2020 Friday (GA CARES)


The World Health Organization just declared COVID-19 a global pandemic on Wednesday and it has created anxieties across the globe.

As COVID-19 is spreading globally, we must raise our hygiene standards and exercise social responsibility to contain the spread.

Here are some tips and graphics that we hope we can share with all and together we can overcome this pandemic!

Adopting good personal habits

- Wash hands with soap frequently

- Use tissue when sneezing or coughing

- Keep toilets clean and dry

Adjusting social norms

- Refrain from shaking hands

- Do not share utensils

Be socially responsible

- If you are unwell, stay at home, do not go to work or attend social gatherings

Together we can overcome!

24/02/2020 Monday

The future of Singapore’s food security 

Apart from the broadening of fields of research, its applicability to those actually growing the food is another area to be looked into. “No farmers, no food,” says Kenny Eng simply. “Technology alone won’t grow food.” The director of horticultural company Nyee Phoe Group and the immediate past president of Kranji Countryside Association has been working closely with farmers for the past 15 years, and has observed the impact agri-tech has made in the industry.

STORY BY KOH YUEN LIN . The Peak Magazine

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24/12/2019 Tuesday

Ties That Bind In The Family Business 

Building a castle is difficult; defending and maintaining it is harder still, so goes an Asian proverb. How do Singapore’s leading entrepreneurial families keep it going while getting ahead of the curve — by diversifying, digitalising or devising a solid succession strategy?

STORY BY Marie Wee & Hillary Kang . A-Mag

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14/12/2019 Saturday

特色酒店与度假村 年底入住率逾九成

文:  薛淑慧

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19/10/2019 Saturday

7 unexpected things to do in Singapore

There’s more to Singapore than you think. Try one of these off-the-beaten-track activities, from farmstays to smash rooms


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10/10/2019 Thursday

❛ 创业难,守业更难。❜ - Andy ENG


来自 / 联合早报文 . 吕爱丽摄影 / ​​​​​​​何家俊

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08/08/2019 Thursday

This Gathering Of Iconic Singapore Mascots Just Raised $21,000 For Charity

The Must Share news Team

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17/07/2019 Wednesday

Lunch With Sumiko: Keeping a 108-year-old family business alive

Sumiko Tan , Executive Editor . The Straits Time

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13/05/2019 Monday

14 Hor Fun Dishes So Hor Jiak You Will Not Hor-der Anything Else

Calida Soh .

"I was glad I got it. The portion justified itself, with a huge slab of steak layered on top of the hor fun. While the flavours were atypical of a usual hor fun dish, it actually worked really well together. Sweet, salty and peppery all at once plus the tender and juicy meat, this was worth the S$20."

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27/04/2019 Saturday

本地农产品 闹市快闪出售

文/陈爱薇. 摄影/陈渊庄. 来自/联合早报

"Mosscape快闪店推出的The Local Farm品牌,售卖本地农产品。它结合园艺、餐饮和工作坊三大元素,感觉像是闹市里的绿野仙踪."

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