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This is a TLF’s initiative to appreciate and support all our local farmers who have been working tirelessly over the years to bring local fresh produce to all.

Led by TLF, we will be kickstarting a TLF Survivor Pack subscription model with our local farmers. We hope to garner public support by subscribing to a TLF Survivor Pack where their farm fresh produce will be delivered to your doorstep on a weekly basis.

We hope to obtain 500 or more subscribers for a 6+6 months period to kick start this movement. With the contract subscription , we can assure our local farmers with fair pricing and to guarantee them with a certain demand over a period of time. But what’s really important for us is to support them with our confidence in their produce.



- Establishment of a strong and vibrant homegrown agricultural industry via The Local Farm as a collective brand that can support the changing needs of the consumers.

- Value added & Internationalisation of local agricultural companies and organisations locally to expand & export Ready to EAT, Ready to COOK & Ready to USE goods, services and ideas.

- Enable local farms to diversify their sources of income, thereby enable contributions to longer-term business sustainability and profitability as a collective.

- Developments and alignments of agricultural and food resilience to Nation’s policy goals.

- Strong and growing trade and financial links with food-producing nations.

Chatting with the Local Farmers

The Local Farm Survivor Pack (Expression of Interest)

Thank you for supporting our local farmers and your interest in the TLF Survivor Pack (an initiative by Gardenasia)!

Do fill in your basic contact details in this form, and we will contact you shortly via email with more details.

Please submit 1 form per delivery address. Do note that this form is just an expression of interest, and not a confirmation of your order. Another email will be sent to you once we achieve our target number of subscribers.

For any enquiries , email us thelocalfarm@gardenasia.com

New Subscribers

Secure your limited subscription now!

Taste The Local Farm at our Bistro today! Islandwide Delivery Available!

Fish & Chips

Fillet Fish

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